Digital security solutions

Digitalise your processes, enhance control and reduce plastic waste.
Unisto Digital Security Seal Data Trans
Unisto e-Guard Data Trans

Do you want to be able to download your sealing history and know when the security seal has been exactly opened? Unisto e-Guard Data Trans and its App are the right solution for you.

Unisto e-Guard Data Trans

Unisto Spire MyU - compact sized digital security seal
Unisto Spire & myU

Unisto Spire is a compact sized digital security seal which allows completely real time monitoring of your sealing process.

Unisto Spire & myU

Unisto SmartHub
Unisto SmartHub

With Unisto SmartHub the next level of track and trace is reached in the health care sector. Sealing, tracking and assuring the cold chain of entire boxes transporting medical products as vaccines is now possible.

Unisto SmartHub

Unisto Digital Security Seal Spoor
Unisto Spoor

With Unisto Spoor you have control and traceability of your processes. Combine it with any Unisto security seal and any container.

Unisto Spoor

Unisto e-Guard Data trans

The compact sized electronic seal which combines security and technology. On closing the seal generates an unique number: if the seal shows the same number at destination your container has not been tampered.

With Unisto e-Guard Data trans you can also download your sealing history.

Discover all the features and the most important hotspots.

Unisto Digital Security Seal e-guard Hotspot

Battery replacement
As a reusable security seal you can replace the battery by removing the backside.

Hasp end piece diameter
Ø 8 mm

Metal Cradle
Unisto e-Guard and Data trans are protected with a special designed metal cradle (see pictures on the product page), designed specifically for use in extreme weather circumstances.

LED Display
Advanced LED display where the closing number is generated and displayed. On the display is also shown if the seal is open.

Control Button
The control button gives access to all the sealing operations.

70 x 105 x 27 mm

By inserting or taking out the hasp, the e-seal is locked or unlocked.
The e-seals works only with the special Unisto hasp.


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