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Unisto Metalo 40

Unisto Metalo 40 to seal Containers, Trucks, Trailers and Tankers. For the global containerized intermodal freight transport. Metalo 40 is H-certified (High Security Seal) according to ISO 17712 regulation. These barrier security seal protect goods from opportunistic attack. Customisable with customer name, consecutive numbering or barcode to make each seal unique which supports and secures logistical processes. Heavy cutters are required to open the seal.

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Features of this security seal

Type of seal
Cable Seals
Container, Doors of Trucks and Trailers
  • Unique designed locking mechanism which firmly secures the seal in position to eliminate any possibility of tampering
  • Non-preformed cables unravels after cut to prevent multiple re-sealing
  • Barrier security seals protect goods from opportunistic attack
  • Customer name on seal for clear identification and enhanced security
  • Direct laser-marking suited for rough handling and prevents tampering
  • Barcoded numbering for fast, accurate reliable data capture and streamlining operations
  • Various colours for logistical functions
  • Import notice: we recommend wearing protective gloves when attaching and protective gloves and glasses when removing. 
Seal casing: aluminium alloy. Cable: high quality cable. Locking roller: heat treated carbon steel. Tension Spring: heat treated high tensile steel
Housing: 33 x 28 x 9 mm. Cable: diameter 4.0 mm, length 250 mm. Others lengths on request
Tensile strength (loop)
Above. 1’000 kg
Directly laser marked. barcode 128 - 7 digits. Numbered - 7 digits. Others on request
Customer name
Directly laser marked
Colours (Housing)
Black, blue, red, green, orange Other colours available on request
10 seals per bundle, 250 seals per carton. Packing size: 310x280x140 cm (0.012 m3), ca. 9 kg
Unisto Metalo 40 - Security Seals

Unisto Metalo 40 to seal Containers, Trucks, Trailers and Tankers. High Security Seal, ISO 17712 certification.