Why Unisto

For 90 years we have been applying our experience for the development of innovative security seals. As a global supplier and manufacturer, we produce our security solutions in line with our Swiss quality standards in all our production sites around the world.


A bespoke concept is the basis for your perfect security seal solution. It all starts with an analysis of your requirements in the sealing process. This forms the basis on which we identify the ideal solution. Therefore, we believe it is vital to work closely with you to define the following key data: 

  • What type of item do you need to seal?   
  • Could one of our standard products meet your sealing challenge? Or could we modify a standard product or even find a special solution that fully meets your needs? 
  • What mechanical or environmental forces are relevant for you? This gives us an clear indication of the raw material we should specify and seal design we should apply for your solution.
  • What demands do these place on security or the tamper-evident protection that the security seal will afford? This gives us a point of reference with regard to the technical product design. 
  • What demands do you place on the handling of the security seal? This includes the attachment, checking and removal of the security seal. 
  • How do you document the unique serial numbers within your process? Are these indicated on the relevant documents in handwritten form or via an electronic reader system? We are able to implement the most suitable numbering or barcode system for you, including 2D code or even an RFID solution. 
  • Do you need a variety of different colours of plastic for efficiency in your logistics process? We can certainly find the ideal solution for you!
  • Have you particular requirements with regard to packaging? Put us to the test and we will come up with the solution you require. 

Summary: Only by understanding your requirements with regard to sealing, control and security of your containers and products can we focus our thoughts on function, technical design and the logistics of your complete security seal solution.  

Technical Design

In close collaboration with customers and based on the formulated concept with a pool of expertise and experience our technical experts master a wide range of special design finesses that assures customers of the high quality, user friendliness, tamper-evidence and uniqueness of Unisto Security Seals.


Highly qualified engineers and toolmakers enable us to react quickly and flexibly to your needs. They develop leading-edge tools for in-house Security Seal production using state-of-the-art equipment. 


Unisto has its own production plants with powerful systems and advanced processes. We produce Security Seals in  

  • Europa
  • America
  • Asia
  • Africa

in ISO-certified operations. Rational and cost-effective.High-grade and quality-conscious. High-grade and quality-conscious. Globally competitive. We ensure that the famous Unisto quality standards are adhered to in all our production locations. These quality standards are monitored and checked by the office in Switzerland. Quality is our number-one priority. Part of this process is the careful selection of the raw materials we use. All of the materials we process to create security seals at our production sites meet the European Chemical Regulation 1907/2006/EC, “REACH” (“Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals”).

Risk management

Since Unisto is an ISO-certified company, risk management and business continuity are robust components of our internal processes. If, for some unforeseeable reasons, production becomes impossible at one of our manufacturing sites, we can fall back on another site in order to be able to guarantee delivery to our customers. 


Last but not least our logistic specialists ensure that your shipments of Security Seals reach their destination on time and in perfect order. In accordance with the regulations of the Decree on Aviation Security Controls, Unisto is added to the list of Known Consignors, issued by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation.