Sustainable security bags

Unisto has been the market leader in the field of tamper evident solutions for valuable goods for decades.

Unisto security bags are designed to clearly indicate attempts of manipulation. By recording and checking the lasered unique numbers and barcodes, it makes identifying perpetrators easy.

With the sustainable security bag range - BAM-approved, Blauer Engel certified or made out of recycled material - Unisto stays true to its “green footprint”-strategy.
Sustainable security bags
Unisto Courier Bags

Practical and durable bags that are available in standard film thicknesses and formats, suitable for national and international shipping.

Unisto Courier Bags

Unisto Safebags

Unisto Safebags offer the highest security level with an indicator for heat tampering attempts and water solubility printing, against pre-tampering.

Unisto Safebags

Unisto Reusable Bags

A unique sealing system consisting of a security bag and an associated Unisto security seal.

Unisto Reusable Bags

Unisto Safebags are designed to clearly indicate any attempt of manipulation.
By recording and checking the unique numbers and barcodes, guarantees ease in locating the perpetrator.
Unisto‘s customer service includes just-in-time delivery for Safebags.

As the first manufacturer in the sector of security seals, Unisto offers customers high tamper evidence security BAM-approved Safebags.

Based on Unisto’s own „green footprint“ strategy, all Safebags are „Blauer Engel‘‘ certified.

Unisto - Unisto Safebags

water reactive ink


release liner

thermo reactive ink


unique number

Blauer Engel


Unisto specialises in innovative safety bags. Do not hesitate to contact us with your enquiry. Our experts are looking forward to hearing from you.