Unisto's CDP Score is in!

Unisto AG, Horn has received a score B in the CDP-Score Report after the first evaluation! Today's announcement is another important milestone regarding Unisto's green footprint strategy.

CDP is a non-profit organization that has been collecting and analyzing environmental data from companies worldwide on CO₂ emissions, climate-related risks and strategies to reduce CO₂ emissions for more than 20 years. The organization operates the world's leading environmental information disclosure system.

  • CDP's assessment methodology is designed to encourage companies to measure and manage environmental impacts.   

  • Comparability of the CDP score achieved with other market participants.

  • The analysis of the CDP rating shows cost-saving potentials and supports the development of strategies to control and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Based on the strategies, measures and data submitted, Unisto was already rated B at the first participation and classified in the highest category currently possible for us. The comparison within the industry confirms that we are on the right track with our climate policy. This is because the global scoring average in the plastics processing industry is a C. Two levels below the result achieved by Unisto.

This excellent rating was achieved mainly thanks to 3 factors:

  • Detailed disclosure about emissions

  • Implementation of its own CO₂ management system 

  • Unisto's green footprint strategy

With Unisto's above-average industry CDP rating, your company as our partner can only win. On the one hand, you strengthen your own eco-balance thanks to the proven more sustainable supply chain. On the other hand, with the help of the CDP score certificate, you can be sure that we are pursuing the same goal as you: a low-carbon economy.

You can download the CDP-Scores sheet here.