Tags & Swing Tickets

Data, image and logistics in a single tag.

Both aesthetically appealing and functional, the ticket enhances your brand and conveys important information to consumers and retailers. Every year Unisto provides brands with original and creative solutions, combining new materials with state-of-the-art processing technologies.

Materials: Cardboard, Metal, Wood, Fabric, Plastic, Leather
Techniques: Lithography, Screen-printing, Hot stamping, Stone wash, 3D effects, Relief printing, Gloss/Opaque plasticization, Flocking
Logistics: All standard bar codes, Matrix bar codes, RFID, Anti counterfeiting 

Branded Seals

The Unisto seal: a guarantee of quality and originality. From the most prestigious guarantee seal, to the simplest accessory, Unisto works with you to communicate your message; designing and producing the most effective solutions to identify your products at the point of sale.
Unisto is able to offer bespoke and unique solutions for every brand thanks to the wide range of articles and technical processes and to the possibility of achieving different shapes and finishes.
Metal seals, Plastic seals, Zamac seals, Mini seals, Clips, 3D Solutions, Plain printing, Relief printing, Galvanic treatments, Yarns, Ribbons

Displays & POS Solutions

Every brand should have a unique and recognisable image at the point of sale. Our limitless creativity means we can adapt all kinds of materials in order to achieve the desired effect at point of sale. Unisto’s POS displays are supplied on time and in easy-to-assemble kits either centrally or direct to the retailer.

Woven Labels

Consumers will never forget your brand: quality without compromise. Woven or printed labels, in taffeta, satin or cotton, selvedged, hot cut or punched: labels to meet all requirements, with attention to detail as the common denominator. Unisto can also offer advanced labels with anti-counterfeiting options and consecutive numbering. Different processes are available depending on the needs and personality of your brand.
Super definition, High definition, Satin, Taffeta, Shuttle weaving

Leather Labels

Natural & Unique. Leather, cotton and felt are all natural materials which are perfect for creating highly fashionable tags. Real leather is a natural and organic product offering a variety of finishes. Thanks to creative production technologies it is possible to develop both original and innovative labels to differentiate your brand.
Microinjection / Plastic relief, Hot stamping, Dry relief, Embroidery and stitching, Laser, Screen-printing, Edge dyeing, Bleeching and Vintage treatments, Metal plaques, Studs and strass

Brand Promotion

Innovative ideas. Unisto develops refined solutions to emphasise your brand image to build your relationship with the consumer. Dual-purpose accessories can be a nice way to create enduring loyalty. Original ideas, state of the art production, using a wide variety of technical solutions and materials, we develop bespoke solutions that emphasise your brand values.

Garment Covers

We embellish your brand. We guarantee a continuity of style. TNT-PEVA-COTTON are some of the materials with which we realize our standard and tailor-made garment covers, always focusing on the finishing details and the metal/plastic accessories that make-up the garment covers.


Final touches. With attention to detail and creativity a garment cover or carrier will be transformed from a simple holder into a communication with your customer. A relationship that is carried home and endures over time. Boxes, shopping bags and special containers are created with different materials and finishes coordinated with other accessories that dress your creations.