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Unisto Twire

Security seal for the utility sector which can be applied on different types of energy meters. The unique knob design with breaking point leaves marks upon tampering and post-sealing tampering. Barcoded or numbered for fast, accurate and reliable data capture to streamline operations. Multiple colours selection to offer identification in application and increase efficiency. 

Features of this security seal

Type of seal
Special Seal 
Energy meters 
  • Compact, robust design 
  • Our system operates in a temperature range of -20° to 70° 
  • Flexible adjustment thanks to separately supplied wire 
  • Various colours for logistics purposes 
  • Customer name and/or identification number for unique identification 
  • High quality barcode or Datamarix allows fast and secure data acquisition 
Housing and knob: PP 
Wire (Unisto)
Plastic-coated stainless steel cable, Ø 0.8 mm, on rolls of 100 m 
Tensile strenght (loop)
Over 30 kg (with Unisto wire) 
Apricot, yellow, brown, grey, white Other colours available on request 
Directly lasered: 8 numbers 
Customer name/code
According to customer specifications/requirements 
Boxes of 1000 pieces