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Unisto Continental

One piece plastic Security Seal. Ideal solution to seal all kind of bags in the Post and Courier Services sectors. Ultra large tag size provides printing and marking requirments for clear logo, branding and unique identification on both sides. Massive strap design (8.0 x 2.4 mm) suitable for rough handling. Tag-holder facility further extend additional information leaflet for your application. Available in a range of plastic colours.

Features of this security seal

Type of Seal
Adjustable Length Seals
  • Ultra large dual-side marking area for various printing
  • Groove on ribbon to prevent reverse sealing
  • Tag-holder to carry extra leaflet information
Body: Polypropylene
Tensile strength (loop)
Approx. 45 kg
up to max. 7 digits
barcode 128, interleaved 2/5, others on request
laser marked
Plastic colour (foil printed)
Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Orange & Green 
Plastic colour (laser)
Pink, Light Blue, Light Yellow, Light Green and White 
Mats of 5pcs, box of 1000 seals 
Seals should be stored in original box away from direct sunlight and chemical fumes. Store at 22°C/50% RH. Typical shelf life of seals made of PP and PA are approx. 18 months from date of manufacture. Nevertheless please do not order more than an annual quantity.
Packing Size
box330mm460 x 330 x 610mm10.5kg