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Unisto Banco 4

The perfect Security Seal solution to seal NCR ATM cassettes. Well-known in the Cash-in-Transit business. Due to its special design it fits to the unique NCR closure system and protects it against accidental pull outs. Sealing requires only one hand and the opening of the seal is done by just breaking the locking system. It's very fast and without any tool. Customer name/logo for clear identification. Bar-coding ensures fast and accurate data capture. In different plastic colours available.

Features of this security seal

Type of Seal

Special Seals


NCR ATM cassettes

  • Tamper evident weak points shows any fraud attempt
  • The design of the seal allows adjusting it with precision to the closing system of the cassette and protects it against all accidental pull outs
  • The seal can be closed with one hand
  • Various colours for logistical functions (colour coding)
  • Customer name/logo for clear identification
  • The opening of the seal is done by the destruction of its locking system. It’s very fast, with one hand and without any tool. The seal will rest in one piece
  • Bar-coding ensures fast and accurate data capture
  • The laser used for marking provides a good contrast for rea-ding, requires no additives and is therefore environmentally friendly
  • One piece seal - recyclable
  • Patented

Minimum size


Polystyrene (PS)

Barcode and numbering

Directly laser marked:

• 2/5 interleaved : 11 digits

• Barcode 39 : 7 digits

• Barcode 128 : 11 digits

Other barcode on request.

Customer name/logo

Directly laser marked


Pink, yellow, grey, white, apricot, green, purple (pastel colour).

Other colours on request.


Box of 1000 seals

38.5 x 38.5 x 23.5 cm (0.040m3), approx. 4.1 kg